My journey began in April of 2014. I looked around me and saw that my life wasn't what I wanted it to be. I was in school for Engineering, doing well in school, and had awesome friends. Yet I couldn't get over the feeling that something was just not right in my life. I found myself sleeping through days just to make the time go by. I was carrying around, not only the weight, but the depression that came with being over weight at a college known for partying. Everyday was a constant reminder that I didn't look or feel like my peers. 

Once I finally made the decision to live a healthy life style, I started on a long and hard road. It started off with me reading up on easy fixes. I tried TONS of get skinny quick schemes. I've tried every diet, detox tea, pill that promises results. Once I saw there was no way to get out of this mess with an easy fix, I dove into the deep end.

First, I started with food. Through my journey, I found that a healthy diet is the most important part of weight loss. As the saying goes "weight loss is 90% in the kitchen and only 10% in the gym". I started to really cut out most processed foods and incorporate a lot more nutritional elements to my meals. I started losing weight but plagued quickly. That is when I started calorie/Marco counting. I used Lose It! and tracked everything I ate to make sure I was always a a deficit.

​After I got my eating "under control", I started getting more active. First, I went on walks with my friends. Then, I started going to my college gym and running a mile. Nothing really stuck because these types of exercise were boring me. It wasn't motivating. Then I found spin. These spin classes allowed me to get fit and release all the built up stress from school and dieting. I lost 107 pounds and kept going. 

Thats when things went from positive to extremely negative quickly. I started developing body dysmorphia and anorexia. I got so thin my eyes started to have a sunken in look. No matter how much I lost I knew I could be skinnier. 

During this time in my life I hit an all time low. I was drinking nearly every day not eating enough and working out way to much. When I started the journey I thought the answer to all my problems was being skinny and somehow I was feeling worse even though I was thinner than Id ever been. 

I finished up college and decided to take time to heal my mental health and avoid the "fitness world" for a bit. I still went to the gym regularly but started eating anything and everything and gained a majority of the weight back. 

Once I took a leap and moved away from my home town for my career I really began to embody all the lessons I learned throughout this journey. 

Nearly 5 years after I started my journey I learned what being healthy and fit means to me. I learned that mental health should always come before the physical body. I started this site to share all the lessons and tips I learned a long the way. 


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